Allergies and food intolerances are adverse reactions to food, attributed to the intake, contact or inhalation of a meal, or any of its components.

The food allergies and intolerances are adverse food reactions attributable to ingestion, contact or inhalation of food or one of its components. They can cause mild results, such as itching or rashes on the skin, to more severe symptoms, such as asthma, diarrhea, colic and, in severe cases, can cause anaphylactic play that compromises the person’s life.

For the people affected, the only way to avoid these reactions is not to consume foods that cause them, since small amounts can trigger the allergic reaction. The advice given in this manual helps to follow the excellent handling practices necessary to prepare menus that are intended for allergic people.

For this, and to prevent errors that affect the safety of these foods, it is essential that we have trained and aware personnel on the importance of rigorously applying these tips.

This manual is addressed to all professionals working in the field of restoration with groups, i.e., schools, hospitals, residences, houses of colonies, prisons, dining halls, etc.