The activity carried out by these companies focuses on making menus and preparing meals aimed at various groups, such as schools, cafeterias, residences, factories, businesses, hospitals, prisons, hotels, airlines, etc. They can develop their work in two different ways: either in the facilities of the center that has hired them or through a catering service, preparing the food in their kitchens and transferring it to the customers.

The First Steps

The requirements necessary to start up a company with these characteristics vary according to the work system that will be followed. If the business includes preparing meals at the facilities itself, it will be essential to have a sanitary authorization, both for the approval of the services and to be able to transport the food, in addition to meeting the requirements determined by the Ministry of Health of the corresponding Autonomous Community.

The selection of suppliers is essential, so it is necessary to know the food sector very well. All the required material, machinery, and personnel are usually hired when the agreement has already been reached with the client, depending on the needs to be met in each case.

Human Capital And Management

It is necessary to have a degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics that elaborates the diets of the meals that are going to be prepared and a graduate in Biology or in Food Technology that controls the quality of the raw materials and the elaboration process. In each center, managers, cleaners, cooks, and assistants are needed.

The management can be divided into six areas. The purchasing department will be responsible for the selection of suppliers, the distribution of orders and the control of stocks. The human resources department will focus on the range and training of the staff that will work in each center. The commercial district will direct the search for new clients. The exploitation department will supervise the work that is done in each center-client. The quality control department will analyze the food, and the administration area will be in charge of the management of the company.